Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Pain of Tomorrow by Luneil Morrow

To loose someone you love is so much sorrow
Facing each day is an unbearable chore
You lie to sleep to face the morrow
You know that each day pain is your core

You wait and you wait to feel their presence
Hoping something will happen to ease the sting
Facing the world without their essence
Of living and breathing and not just being

They say one day the pain will go away
That facing each day will get a little easier
But most of all they know not what they say
Just sometime just once I get a breather

I quote the rhyme to myself
Pain, pain go away
Come back some other day

Monday, February 28, 2011


We have a president whose name is Obama
His election day was full of drama
History was made we will never forget
His amazing victory was quite an upset
His slogan was YES WE CAN
Barack Obama what a man

By Luneil Morrow Feb 2011

Blizzard in my pool

The blizzard I saw was really white
I looked and stared, oh what a sight
My pool was full with the fluffy white stuff
I thought to myself boy this will be tuff

I live in a state where there is always sun
To see the white snow was really fun

The thought of digging snow out my pool
Made me shake and shiver just like a fool
Finding a shovel was hard as the dickens
So when I did my pulse really quickened

As I dug and dug the snow out of my pool
This memory to me will really be cool

This event will always be remembered
As California's blizzard in December

Miss Lou

I know a writer her name is Lou
When she sat down to write she became real blue
When she writes her stories they are so short
She thinks to herself why bother I'll just abort

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Memoirs Buddies

Last Memoir Class for Heather, Luneil and Lisa